Acai Berry and Diabetes

Recently the health industry has been giving a lot of time and energy to promoting the new wonder product, the Acai Berry. It’s potent antioxidants have those promoting it claiming that it can assist with everything from weight loss to diabetes. This is where my current interest in it came to the forefront.

According to some recent reports the Acai berry is possibly linked to aiding diabetes. These reports are more on a secondary level then on a primary level. The acai berry is supposed to be able to help assist the heart and battle the negative effects of anti-aging.

Those with diabetes know that there is always rapid cellular degeneration and in doing so, many people believe that anything that helps battle the negative effects of aging on that level would have to be able to assist anyone with diabetes. That sort of information seems to make sense on a number of different levels.

In saying that it would be interesting to me to see a nice little experiment done with a group of diabetics. It would be interesting to see the reactions and what affect if any consuming a normal dosage of acai berry would have on a diabetic.

Since Acai berry supplements are a very hot dietary supplement right now you should be able to find it at almost any dietary supplement store or even your neighborhood grocery store. I would be interested in hearing what affects any of you have with the substance. Please comment if you do decide to try it.

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