Gestational Diabetes Facts, Information And Foods

Gestational Diabetes Facts, Information And Foods

Gestational diabetes is one of the most common types of diabetes found in women. Although this type of diabetes is pretty temporary and fluctuating but the outcomes could be very long termed and affecting. Gestational diabetes is said to be prevailing in women that are pregnant and the ones that are under poor nutrition [...]

Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Type 1 vs Type 2 Diabetes Symptoms

Do you have diabetes? Be alert with diabetes symptoms is the easiest way to detect the disease.

Diabetes Awareness T-Shirt - I Am So Sweet

Diabetes Awareness T-Shirt – I Am So Sweet

Very cool diabetes awareness T-shirt. LOL …. isn’t this cool. What a great gift to your diabetes friends!

High-Tech Diabetes Management Tools

High-Tech Diabetes Management Tools

A diagnosis of diabetes can be scary, but science is making great strides to help patients manage their condition. There are several exciting innovations in diabetes management available today — and many more on the horizon.

Artificial Pancreas
Researchers are developing a glucose monitoring system with an insulin delivery pump, one that works like your natural pancreas. [...]

Sound the Diabetes Alert

Today, the Diabetes.org website is celebrating its 21st annual American Diabetes Alert Day. American Diabetes Alert day began 21 years ago as a way of providing people with a “wake-up call” so to speak. It is an opportunity for people to become more aware of the disease that is Diabetes.
Here is an excerpt from the [...]

Are you suffering from Diabetes

Are You Suffering From Diabetes?
People who are prone to diabetes—especially those who have the disease in their family’s history—should consider that there is a great possibility that they or their kids might inherit the illness. So, the best way to go about it is become very informed about the condition. The following are some the [...]

Diabetes Month – American Diabetes Association

November has been dubbed Diabetes Month by the American Diabetes Association. If you would like to find out more information about what you can do to help the cause for finding the cure to diabetes you can take a look at the ADA website here There are a couple of different options available to those [...]

Diabetes The Facts

Diabetes is a common condition which is known to affect around 2.3 million people. It is believed that half a million more people, at least, also suffer from the condition, without diagnosis. Diabetes affects the blood, causing an imbalance of glucose levels within your system.
In a person without diabetes the amount of glucose within the [...]

Diabetes Symptoms

The primary causes of diabetes are effects from genetic and environmental factors. At the onset of this syndrome a number of symptoms are noticeable which not only help a person in diagnosing himself/herself but also pave the way for effective medication. It is also essential to note here that early diagnosis of this syndrome helps [...]

Diabetes Prevention

Prevention literally means thwarting or hindering in advance the onset of a specific action. In reference, the following text aims at explaining the essential preventive measures required to reduce the chances in a person from acquiring diabetes.
Foremost, it is of upmost importance that a person should not gain excess weight. Through exercise and physical activity, [...]