Best Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics

Best Sugar-Free Candy For Diabetics

No doubt, this is the best sugar-free candy for children with diabetes …….. ants don’t lie.

Common Diabetes Symptoms

Common Diabetes Symptoms

Symptoms of Diabetes ……. researches around the world are still scratching their head to understand why diabetes symptoms can often go undiagnosed….. so are we.

Diabetes Awareness T-Shirt - I Am So Sweet

Diabetes Awareness T-Shirt – I Am So Sweet

Very cool diabetes awareness T-shirt. LOL …. isn’t this cool. What a great gift to your diabetes friends!


Caption: Don’t Feed the Diabetic Bears

Brimley Cat

Diabetes for Mummies (or Daddies)

The Bestselling Guide for Managing Diabetes

Insulin Station

HI Again

What a Load of …

CRAP stands for “Catastrophic Ruthless Attack on the Pancreas“
Check out Bernard’s hysterical post:
“Today officials at the American Diabetes Association expressed surprise that CRAP seems to have become the new name for what was previously known as Type 1 diabetes.
Speaking off the record a senior member of ADA staff was puzzled to know what CRAP even [...]