Acai Berry and Diabetes

Recently the health industry has been giving a lot of time and energy to promoting the new wonder product, the Acai Berry. It’s potent antioxidants have those promoting it claiming that it can assist with everything from weight loss to diabetes. This is where my current interest in it came to the forefront.
According to some [...]

Diabetes and Nutrition

When suffering from diabetes, it is often the best decision to change your diet. Nutrition is an extremely important part of managing your condition, as, especially with type 2 Diabetes, this is effectively your only necessary treatment. Nutrition is not hard to understand, and your doctor can help you draw up a nutritional plan, or [...]

Suitable Diets for Sufferers of Diabetes

For those who suffer from diabetes it is extremely important that they learn to monitor their diet, in order to effectively manage their condition. Although those sufferers with type 1 Diabetes will have to have insulin injections, their condition can always be helped by monitoring their diet. This is even more important for those who [...]